I recently obtained a Wacom drawing tablet, and have wanted to explore digital artwork for a while. I’ve never really been one for creating artwork, so hopefully with enough practice I’ll see some improvement :)

Day 1 - 1/19/2020

I installed Krita, a popular open-source digital painting software. For someone with zero knowledge of workflows in this space, it was easy to go from fresh installation to understanding some of the basic controls. As such, here’s something I quickly created:

I later used a Reddit post to /r/krita as a reference when trying out some brush packs:

Kinda looks like a wolf?


So we’re now a few months into the pandemic now, things are slowly returning to “normal”. I recently purchased an iPad Pro and wanted to test out its art capabilities using the Procreate app. I didn’t want to spend >$100 on an Apple Pencil, so I bought a third party style that had good ratings on Amazon. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the functionality, though I think it’s missing the pressure sensitivity found in the Wacom tablet I have for my PC. My first piece of art on the iPad Pro is based on a piece designed by Reddit user Lucy_png: