Here’s a list of personal projects I’ve been working on, all of which you can find on my GitHub profile:

  • sentinel-dettect - create a DeTT&CT techniques administration file from exported Sentinel analytics rules
  • yacng - simple code name generator built with Flask
  • Jenkinspot - a simple honeypot that mimics the Jenkins login page.
  • certsee - query and find associated infrastructure in Shodan based on certificate serial numbers
  • CVE-2019-15043 Scanner - scanner to detect presence of CVE-2019-15043
  • CVE-2019-8451 Scanner - scanner to detect presence of CVE-2019-8451
  • okbrute - python script to test credentials against an Okta sign-in widget.
  • csvtoconfmd - fork of csvtomd, which concerts csv files into markdown tables. This time, for Confluence markup.